Thursday, November 6, 2008


Visually we have seen black and White TV sets turn into Giant Screen Wall Mounted Plasma TVs

Music Videos are like motion pictures

- TV sitcoms are now Reality Sitcoms

-Video Games are Virtual Worlds

the Computer went from Desktop to in our pockets

and just about everything is turning into HD ( High Definition )... We've seen how the rise of Hip Hop influences the youth being that Adult Figure and promising Recording Artist / Producer / DJ / Actor / Athlete whichever Career we choose we are the Role Models..even though we may not want that role, subconsciously there is those who look up to us to Inspire and Motivate them in the Tough Journey they Travel in LIfe, even if they grow bitter because they aren't as successful in there journey , they feed off from our struggles to our achievements , our Strengths and our weaknesses -
As Artist we evolve , we grow with our listeners and supporters and as we grow we notice the Trends We've set..we gain fans far and wide and as the ones to musically lead them there's bigger messages to instill - its cool to have fun and spazz out on records but also remember put thought in your songs as Messages for the ones who get it .. the biggest question as artist is who's gonna buy my album if i aint talking about what the biggest artist at the moment is talking about ? in actuality everyone don't want the same thing ..if a cereal was named fruity rocks with the same flavor as fruity pebbles but retailed cheaper why would people buy fruity rocks when they can have the real deal for a lil bit more bread ? be original if someone got a formula working don't Imitate it cause about time people are tired of that sound its already thing we're blessed with is Ideas and Choices ( not anyones elses Idea or Choice ) - if you keep at it with yout Idea you will open up ears who feel your sound and your message ..stay true to your sound and that will be yours for years to come ..remember there are people listening and Watching and there's also people Copying
Continue to Innovate .





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