Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I think when you got a vision and the right people around everything falls into place and the energy just feeds off
i remember back in the 90s when ATCQ ( A Tribe Called Quest) was making noise and the movement was electric..The Native Tongue was my shit - i mean i appreciated the art that movement brought to Hip Hop..which is sort of how the new movement of MCs is starting to develop into but its those who remain original that will lead the new school of MCs into the Echelon of Hip Hop Greats -
so as im a young dude back in mid to late 90s im into a vast array of Hip Hop..thats all i listened to all day and all night was Hip Hop - from seeing HOT 97 evolve into the station where Hip Hop Lives, from hearing Biggie 1st record on 89.9 stretch and bobbito to hearing Wu Tang Clan very 1st joint on 89.1
Hip Hop has grown ever since and has become the heart beat of music all over -
now with that said brings me to my boy Consequence - who came on the scene during the prime of Tribe Called Quest and dropped a memorable verse on "Stressed Out" - after the disbandment of ATCQ dude remained active..behind the scenes and in the right circle ..i give him much respect for staying at it and seeing his craft through ..so through the circles i've been linking with trying to link all the circles together and create a strong chain of success i was put on bout Cons through my boy Poly King who was peoples with dude and also my home girl ODESSA who is a actually making a lil noise herself..i'll get back to her in coming days
so she comes to NY and was like she was chosen to be in a video for Consequence called Breakfast of Champions which was real cutting edge vid when it comes to camera work and content
and i was like thats dope..and then after linking with Strings in the studio and also being under the same umbrella with GLC over at REVO MEDIA ..i take a call from Odessa that she doing a new Consequence vid and i should come check it out.so i come through and connect again with Strings also My boy Caleesh aka Poly King and GLC and Cons..who also directs his own vids and co-directed this one with RIk Cordero- the energy was dope and this was the outcome

shouts to Caleesh,Strings,GLC,Odessa,Ashaki,Cons and Sub Con with those Tees

Monday, July 28, 2008


At it Again.. chillin on Ichat i was pollyin wit my homegirl ,and she told me i was getting much love from the girls at ECM and said she will definitely keep them coming my way and keep the Blog lookin extra sexy - i def appreciate the support from her
so she said Shelly was checkin in..so shouts to SHELLY RUSSEL
i asked my homegirl who's next up she was like we need that girl with the BIG FUTURE behind her
so she mentioned a young lady named Amber -i seen Amber and wow she def had a BIG FUTURE behind her
i was like she dope..and told her i was feeling ole girl from Flavor Of Love 3 named ANGELA a.k.a MYAMMEE
she was like she repped shawty and would make a call....the next day i got an email and MYAMMEE was a go
-i was thinking why ask the typical questions about the show when u can just ask some other cool interesting things
Myammee is definitely a fresh face who has alot going on for herself besides her Dynamic Shape - i def look forward to seeing her do what it do in her journey and possibly making some appearances somewhere in a my movement - she took a couple of minutes out of being Booked for Events,Appearances and Traveling to say a few things .....




- if you had super powers what would you have the ability to do?

MYAMMEE : Besides snapping my fingers to my own personal make-overs everyday, I
would want to cure all diseases from A-Z. I just lost my mother and I
wish I could have had the powers to keep her here.

- how much time goes into keeping your body in shape,whats your routine?

MYAMMEE :You know what? I don't put too much time into a workout and I eat what
I want, I guess I have great genes.

- the most a guy went out his way to impress you?

MYAMMEE : Well I love to eat. I was taken out to eat at least 2-3x a day. I
never had to cook during the time. I ate good too. LOL

- what music and what song inspires you?

MYAMMEE : I love various of artist mostly RnB and Rap, but at this very moment
what really inspires me is "Never would have made it" by Marvin Sapp.
It is so true! Without God in my life I know I wouldn't be where I am
at today.

Myammee Preciate the time ...

despite the busy schedules from these ladies they show love
so i'll continue to pay homage

i think she know a thing or 2 about Basketball Formation

Book Myammee


What's really hood - 1st things 1st shouts to my homies BlackBuddafly i missed there performance the other day..haven't seen dem perform with a live band yet - but much love to dem ...also shouts to my boy Saigon who gon lend his Lyrical prowess to the Album
So this week alot goin on..headed back to Tdot to get it in with the music (still working on records for BE THE JUDGE as well as my boy DRAKE'S debut Album) and enjoy the Caribana Festivities - if you never been to that shit i suggest you make a trip one year ..it can get pretty fun up there
to all my peoples out there peace ...Stone, Showbiz, Cylla, Drake, Noah,Gordo, Lola, Andreena,Taj, Diggz,X, Mercedez, Daniella, Anaya Hayes,Tamara and Sara, Destinee, Zaire, Rahmel, Adrienne, Candace, Melissa, Cory,Reesee, Amanda, Kim Davis, Chondra ,Suzannah and i its way more but those is who i thought of off the top




Currently i'm trying to finish up a record off my album that should be very dope and something different
its called "Let The Devil Go" - and i will be posting the makings of it in a few days prolly
i had the opportunity through my boy Caleesh to work with an Artist name Strings..who i've been familiar with through the years in this Industry - she has real dope energy and took on the concept and the subject matter and did a good fuckin job - also with my boy Stone writing the hook and her adding some vocals as well as a verse i think this record is on its way to Classic Status
shouts to Winston for bringing in Ayanna Irish who got some Powerful Vocal Chords and added that grit and also added some Piano - The Vision is coming together nicely
no telling who about to appear on it next ..but be sure it will be a few suprizes


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Being Part of The RELEASE THERAPY Album was a great achievement - as well as being affiliated with the SSP fam who from day one showed support and that support was returned, not knowing the family ties with Luda..but still kept it a hunnit.
As we connect and venture to do business on all scales the plan is starting to take shape to become Major Players in the Music Industry as well as Entrepreneurs and Humanitarians..you have to start from the ground up
even if it's literally the Ground, which brings me to BATTLEGROUND EARTH: LUDACRIS VS. TOMMY LEE
in a reality Television Series dedicated to Saving Planet Earth, a Battle between 2 teams Ludacris who brought on my boys 4-IZE and Willie Box to join in the Mission and Tommy Lee and his Crew.
Music for a Purpose is always a good look in my books - so Tune in AUG 3RD on PLANET GREEN 10pm EST on TLC

shouts to Ludacris,4-IZE,Willie and Big Al

Monday, July 21, 2008


Me and my homegirl over at ECM ( Eye Candy Modeling) was pollying last week..about Art and Comic books and i found out some History on her fam involvement in the Comic Book World which was interesting - so as we're talking about Characters and Imagery i mention that the Models she represent are like straight out of a Comic Book Drawn with there Very Curvy and distinct Features ..i was like FAREN is dope and she was like i should check out SHELLY who has the same thing in common with Faren - Natural Bust Size (36DD) i looked at SHELLY website www.shellyrussel.com and i was like damn shawty is impressive - with a German Background, Raised in Wisconsin who caught alot of attention for herself by way of Playboy.com,MTV Europe and USA Network's Television Series "Burn Notice" Shelly is on her Grind - i know it's serious if ECM is behind her
so In honor to the Dog Days Of Summer heres to Shelly Russel
Shelly Russel and Rita G Collaboration

- Hidden talents:
Shelly : I can make cool shapes with my tounge, I can do
backflips, and I can put 30 grapes in my mouth at once..don't ask why I
tried that**

First thing guys look at:
Shelly :My naturally large chest..lol..and my
"innocent" smile*
-yeah right @ "Innocent"

-Used your looks to your advantage:
Shelly : To get a job and to get out of speeding

-Most embarrassing moment:
Shelly : Me and my girlfriend rented scooters on South
Beach..and we were chillin on our scooters rollin down Ocean Drive..and
I ran into a parked car..lol..luckily the Mercedes owner wasn't too
upset ; )

Shelly Good Look..Keep at it

Book shelly - booking@phenomprod.com 305-788-5096

Saturday, July 19, 2008


This week was another Grind Week - new connections - new sounds- new ventures - new artist
-i must say peace to J Hatch and Don Di Napoli for inviting me to Judge and give input @ the latest Istandard Producer Showcase
some talented producers is about to step up to the plate really soon -
The Dark Knight definitely lived up to the Hype , best film this year by far next to Iron Man and Wanted
i have to see it again to get more in depth of what was going on - cause it sure was alot of twist and turns
superb acting on all parts- memorable performance by Heath Ledger ..i'm sure its gonna be the biggest Box office turn outs since Spiderman 3 -
As Summer is headed towards it's Prime where alot of Events and Concerts gon be poppin ..The Ladies are definitely out and looking Amazing and with that being said this Vid is Mad funny... this is what a chick with a boyfriend will look forward to this Summer..

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Once again in the Movie Trailer Mode, a dope film that hit the theatres this Summer... another Super Hero Giant that murked the Box Office " THE INCREDIBLE HULK" which definitely did better than it's previous attempt which was much needed redemption for true Hulk Fans -
i decided to add my own soundtrack to the trailer. It's a track i did that Juelz Santana spit on for his hood classic mixtape Back like Cooked Crack giving ya'll a taste of the BE THE JUDGE PRE-TRIAL MIXTAPE coming soon that will have my past works from '98 until now... yeah 10 years in the game under the radar - now it's time to Make It Count !


I stumbled across an interesting song from an Artist named Knine -the thought was innovative and clever i can't even describe it so check this out


Saturday, July 12, 2008


As you will see in coming weeks besides Music i digs Basketball Heavy grew up a KNICKS FAN ( yeah we'll get the chip one day ) also a collector and fan of Comic Books ( look out for KRYME LAB ) and One thing you have to love is a Dope ass Woman who can strike up an amazing conversation and can also stand out in a crowd if she sees fit, one that takes pride in her Look and isn't ashamed to show that body and physique she's worked hard to maintain by faithfully going in the Gym while we're in the studio cookin up hits that she can dance to or become an iconic figure of the Imagery of the Video or Photoshoot -
so i'm pollying with my peoples over at EYE CANDY MODELING who manages DEELISHUS (flavor of love 2) , AMBER EASTON and CHESSIKA and she let me know there's a model on the scene that's getting alot of light , she's getting booked heavy for club appearances as well as magazine spreads such as SMOOTH, and the current album Cover for REGGAE GOLD 2008. She also graced the sets of a few music videos and also may be in talks to join the Reality TV ranks in the future- Her name is FAREN who i've heard is a breaking necks and causing car accidents when she passes by
at a height of 5'11 without heels and a natural 36DDD yeah NATURAL is the key word , a Bartender who will definitely keep the Bar guarantee way above normal, so why not reach out - so i told my peoples i'll definitely Promote The Company and add a lil bit a edge to this Blog
so without further ado
here's Faren -

Hobbies -
Faren : I really don't do too much very interesting when I'm not working..yeah
I go to the gym, shop and collect shoes and jewelry but I LOVE to go to
the beach whenever I can! I love to fish and go boating. Check me out!--
I recently picked up my roller skates and taught myself how to
boogie-shuffle again!

album you love right now -
Faren : Amy winehouse because I'm going through a rough breakup right now and
its mellows me out..minus all the drugs of course!

last movie you saw and what you thought about it -
Faren : "Hancock" starring Will Smith, and I was disappointed. Some parts were
funny but I could've waited to see it on DVD.

and one word to describe herself and why -
Faren : My word used to be "brickhouse" but now its "Glamazon" my girlfriends
and I came up with that one and we call ourselves that! We're tall, have
big boobies and we love to look fabulous everywhere we go!

- Very interested in seeing this Glamazon Squad

Good Look Faren..

Book Faren -305-788-5096

Friday, July 11, 2008


Everyone who has a personal journey in life know that there are reasons that come with the learning of certain skills, the meeting of certain people at the right time and the desire for fulfillment , clues surround us everyday as we wonder which roads to choose to take us to that next level -i believe we all have a purpose and mission to fulfill - so with that being said there's a book i read on the way to Toronto last year after i moved on from working with the previous partners- i dont wanna sound all mystical but the book found me -
when i was at my old spot a shawty i knew said check it out and wrote it on a paper - as i moved mysteriously i found that paper and was like wow i gotta get this book
so i copped it and after reading it i knew why the author Paulo Coelho has to be one of the Greatest StoryTellers of our time - and i had to pass it on which i did to alot of people i rock wit
now imma pass it on again..but this time u don't even have to go to Barnes and Noble
if you go to Itunes you can get the audiobook and listen for FREE until July 14th -

LINK - http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/M...08333&s=143441

- For all the ADHD heads try smoking weed to get the full effects of the story




As constant plugs for the record begin - there will certain outlets that i will look to reach out to. Radio is the key to breaking records as well as Promoting yourself - as the days draw nearer i gotta get out and get heard and get seen .. i had the opportunity of going up to Sirius Shady 45 to check my Homie ANGELA YEE and do a lil bit of promotion , she's a dope girl and always a pleasure to see - she got the show LIP SERVICE which is definitely buzzing with co-host the very chill LEAH ROSE the show is fun and the discussions can get pretty wild as they've been known to interview Guest ranging from Porn Stars / Video Vixens / Actors / Artist /the works they get very intimate with their guest with topics ranging from sex to drama and etc all and all it's always a good time ..definitely the liquor stay flowing and soon i'll have an interview posted up with them when i go back up there and join the shenanigans - so in honor to Angela and Leah here's a small taste of Lip Service
with ole girl RITA G from the Flashing Lights Video and King cover girl DOLICIA BRYANT talking recklessly and a couple other guest ...oh and shouts to my boy DJ WONDER for keeping the heat spinning everyweek


Back at it , this week was very productive Creating Beats and Recording more album ideas which everyone will be hearing soon.. in talks about Overdose On Life Video Treatment with some great directors- also going overtime with the recording process of the album to get it wrapped up - waiting on artist to get involved
calling in musicians next week for song enhancing and also getting prepared to release the BE THE JUDGE PRE-TRIAL mixtape
- Toronto is on the radar JULY 31 for Caribana as well as working with Artist out there
through gearing up for promotion there's tons of people that go behind the scenes in helping an Idea for a project go from nothing to something..thats why i guess at award shows people break out list of names to thank - so heres my small list in advance so far
Beats Being Broke
Revo Media
Missing Link Music
Madu (http://hottwax.com/)
Jay (www.illroots.com)
Marlon (www.soundhustle.com)
Steve Raze (www.allhiphop.com)
Ferris Bueller
Elle Castro
Syn City
Angela Yee - Shady 45
Emperors Club
Esteban Serrano - 4.27.07 Creative
Stadium RED fam
Octobers Own
- there's more but i'll keep it short for now


oh and shout out to Michelle Madonna Check her out Tonight on THE N on the New Reality Television Series " Queen Bees"

also check her latest single " I'M A BRAT " online and itunes
shouts to Claude

Monday, July 7, 2008


Some may know that i recently parted ways with the EMW situation i had helped create - even though i still represent that name i revamped the idea and it will now be Elaborate Musik Orchestra (EMO)
the Studio i previously worked out of is No More - so now in the process of creating the Be The Judge Album and other projects i needed a new Home to produce more great works and share that Dope energy with - through my Nomadic journey i worked in a couple facilities and none brought that Energy back to me until now - being in Harlem i had no idea what was under my Nose until my Homegirl told me about Stadium Red Studios- i was thinking of working in Downtown Manhattan where alot of the Big Studios were and where my previous situation was located -but after going into Stadium Red seeing the Great set up and meeting The manager and Major Players involved we connected and now it's history in the making - they seen my vision and wanted to help and i wanna bring what i tried to bring the previous situation to them -
if you haven't heard of Stadium Red yet you will very soon..



In this tough world where Gas prices is rising constantly, threats of War , Terrorism looming over a weakening economy threatening the eve of another Great Depression you just gotta LAUGH it off and Optimistically focus your attention on living your life to its full potential as well as helping others..
Every Wednesday evening my boy D.Lemon Host " Comedy on The Hump " along with an array of many up and coming Comedians who display their views and beliefs on society and pop culture - for those who might not know what "Hump" means - its not a Camel , it's not what you used to do to a girl when you was a youngin, it's the Middle of the week muthableepers when you're working mon-fri its that climb over the hill to reach the anticipated weekend where you relax and kick back so why not give your weekend a headstart.. so if you're in the NYC/TRI-STATE area go check my peoples out and give that support

Comedians who previously graced the stage - josh homer, sauce, kenny ortega, victor cruz, imagine, hadiyah robinson, dave lester, jude destin, gina brillon, and many more,


Coming up as a sketch artist myself you have to pay Homage to Artist who went to great lengths to have the Imagery in their heads displayed on Paper or Canvas or as UK Artist Banksy showcases his work ..on walls and other unexpected places to play on society and the creation of using what we have around us as his Visual Playground.


"I use whatever it takes. Sometimes that just means drawing a moustache on a girl's face on some billboard, sometimes that means sweating for days over an intricate drawing. Efficiency is the key" - Banksy


This is a good friend of mine that i will support until she hangs it up
she Models/Acts/and Raps -she was the Queen of Philly and then Moved to NC
hope it all goes well in your Transition Vanna .. also shout outs to AK and Lizz


Sunday, July 6, 2008



As a die-hard Comic Book Fan , through my collections of various comics
there was one that broke the mold, not because of the sheer violence and dark world it took the readers into - but because of the Reality of the story- not all Super Heroes get zapped with power of some sort , some can be made and created by just being fed up with the Evil Forces that run recklessly through this earth .. Through Tragedy, Through Fear can give birth to a Hero - and thats why i fucks with Batman
After years of many Batman films and cartoons .. this Franchise decided to actually give Batman The Approach it deserved and Director Christopher Nolan (Memento,The Prestige) ran wit it and never looked back 1st "Batman Begins" which took us into the creation of Batman and his days as a Ninja and heir to a very wealthy empire and made alot of Logic into what this Series will be - 
by July 18th 2008 the 2nd installment will be unveiled the highly anticipated "The Dark Knight" - which unfortunately will be one of the last appearances of Actor Heath Ledger (R.i.P)
who passed away early 2008 -
I'm not one to predict a great film and the outcome but i believe this will be be one of those cinematic masterpieces that will be remembered for years to come - not to say Tim Burtons Version wasn't dope cause it was.. but i know this will be much iller
and in Honor to The Dark Knight i threw one of my instrumentals on the Trailer .



This is the Final Product of getting together Artist and musicians who believed and followed the Vision
Enjoy -

Overdose On Life - Omen Ft. Drake, Travis McCoy , Mickey Factz
produced by Omen
additional production - Noah "40" Shebib
additional Keys - Erik Torrente
Harps - Brandee younger


After getting 2 dope Verses, which were Extra OD in Bar Length - but also stuck to the Concept of Overdosing on that track - i reached back out to my boy Mickey Factz who i worked with for mad years and sent him the version of Drake on the 1st Verse and he came into studio and spit some Heroin which was very innovative and this is how it went down ....


In the Creation of the BE THE JUDGE album i was in search for some Major Features - and made a long wish-list which included names that was by Far Super Unattainable but there were a few names that i had to have on this Album - after Drake OD'D on the "Overdose on life" record i felt it need another angle and a different sound - i hit up my peoples Mickey and ask if he had links to Travis from Gym Class Heroes - so he put me in touch with dude and the rest is ......


When i 1st decided to create an album it was all new to me , i mean i been a part of Major Albums in the Past but now it's time to build a legacy and Market my Value and Meaning to Hip Hop and Music ... so the title " BE THE JUDGE" came to mind - not sure how it came but i seen the vision and followed it through..basically the Album Meaning is at the end of the day No One can Judge you but You before God Judges you - so Be The Judge  Is saying Be Yourself - in  a world filled with so much Fabrication and Phoniness and music having artist sell their souls to become a household name for the price of Fame - sometimes you just wanna be yourself and not commit to changing for Label Puppet Masters - so that said " Be You"
- so when i started this Album i went through a Transition period that tried to put a damper on the creation of this record - when things turn against you when you're a positive person it's usually the opposite "Negative".
- i seen myself not letting that Energy lose my focus and i began my Journey by Traveling To Toronto and working on a few records out there and actually coming across a dope talent by the name of Drake - who respected my grind and took the vision i had for a record and wrote a chapter in pages of History that will follow his Dream for so much has came in his path since penning that Verse - The Title i gave him for the record was "Overdose On Life" 
and this is The Making


This blog is for those who Believe in The Purpose of Their Existence and what they're here to accomplish ..be it through Music, Film , Fashion,Art and any form of expression that reflects our truths to bring to the masses..in Coming months you will see the music im feeling as well as the music i'm creating, you will see the process of me Finishing up my album BE THE JUDGE , and you also will see those that i support and things i believe in - i will share my views,opinions,Music tips and also interact with those who Believe they can be a part of this movement - i'm not one to stir beef or any shock value so basically this Blog will be Respected and Honored .
Feel Free to Leave Comments as well as Questions -
Long live Hip Hop
 Peace ,