Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The Kid is Back 32 Years Later - did some small celebrating for the born day shouts to all the LEOS and VIRGOS
As The Weather slowly drifts into having to wear longer sleeves and jackets - Summer is a wrap and time to prepare to wrap up 2008 with a bang fall is one of the seasons i fucks wit - unfortunately BE THE JUDGE will be pushed back until mid 1st Quarter of 2009
so im back to the the beats and trying to manifest these features - and get these Ideas bubbling , during the course of the album i witnessed a few setbacks and rearranging so things can be worked out - this time has also taught me alot in preparation and what the Hip Hop world needs- a Cult Classic where you have fans believe in your idea and vision without the Machine being involved and start a mass Following all on word of mouth,and its time to give them another one
an Idea is a powerful gift we have to Gain Worldwide Appeal with Substantial Benefits
when we grow up before the Matrix Teaches us how to work their Ideas - we are given the ability to use our imagination
and create new Ideas
i know ..where am i going with this??
before i got into Music i was into Art and Sketching and Comic Book Art was my passion - going to La Guardia High School i had the opportunity of meeting some good people that had Visions and back then Hip Hop inspired us.. to paint pictures Vocally or Musically when it was still kinda in the pre-teen stages it grew with us
our Art was Hip Hop Influenced just like many facets of Culture, showing that an Idea can Grow
now with that one of my peoples from back in the school days recently dropped by the studio and showed His Idea that i think will Influence The Masses and is really Entertaining shouts to my boy Bamm
and this is his Idea

shouts to Poison Pen, Bishop Brigante, Swave and Skyzoo who all was chillin in Studio C-4 aka the New Room in Stadium Red that my boy Ariel (mix engineer,vocal producer) bout to have on Smiddash

and as we begin Fall a.k.a the Grind Season for many reasons be it with Schooling or Xmas saving or the 4th and 1st Quarter releases in music-- the beats will start being constructed and the ideas and songs will be manifested and in anticipation to the Highly Acclaimed Graphic Novel THE WATCHMEN
heres one trailer i went on

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cool trailer and track congrats