Tuesday, September 9, 2008


No matter how you see it we all grind to survive and to pursue Happiness, when you want your own..you have to work hard to get it, when the chips is down you have to be optimistic in getting the chips back up - some are trying to reach the American Dream while there's few that want to get to the root of the Power that runs this System... and then there's those who will stop you by any means so you cannot get those answers or even enjoy your Life a.k.a Haters i checked out M Night Shalaman's The Village a few years back..now when i 1st saw it i seen it as mad corny..but as you sit with the message in your mind i realized ..the Village was founded and made up with rules and procedures and fear to never leave the grounds - so those born would not know the bigger picture - back to reality
think about the Village Concept and think about today's Society -
i'm no one to teach but i'm one to think Logically and use Common Sense..it's more out there then what's in the textbooks
through lies and deception there is a root wherever that root leads understand and be ready for the answer you seek
iiight so back in Album Mode .. since pushed back to mid-March enough time to start wrapping it up and starting the Campaign
and applying the Visual..so now the Overdose On Life record is ready to be made into a Video - and should be dope and very Cutting Edge which will definitely set off the Be The Judge Campaign ..Elaborate Musik Orchestra is being formed
and there is talks about possible Distribution
the Grind is Constant..Sleep is Loss..Leisure is non-existent even when you're not recording your thinking of your next step so you mind is still working -
i got this concept a while back thinking about the American Dream and ways to achieve it - THE AMERICAN SCHEME
where you go all out to get to pursue Happiness the american way

shouts to my boy JIGSAW

i fucks wit the new Jeezy album and one song in particular called " CRAZY WORLD" i was fucking with Imovie and came up wit this

Lastly til the next post i leave ya'll with my boy D. Lemon breaking down the SWIPE game

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