Tuesday, October 7, 2008


hi·a·tus [hahy-ey-tuhs] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
–noun, plural -tus·es, -tus.
1. a break or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.

Its been a minute since i reached out on here..due to extensive work on tracks and more learning about my purpose
so much has surfaced ..and yes Be The Judge is back in Motion - Shouts to Revo Media as well as The Team at Stadium RED
i know there's a few of my peoples who check in .so if you asked about the Blog and why i haven't posted in almost a month this is for you - so now that Summer is No more ..Fall is back and chilling - i've collected thoughts and new ideas are starting to brew that the Hip Hop world is gonna feel , i haven't yet reached an Epiphany but thats good ..more to look forward to
with the Buzz of Overdose still at a nice simmer ..and many request
The ViDEO will be Made..yeah there will be an "Overdose On Life" Video for those who awaited and anticipated
its in works - so those who followed and believed the movement this is for you
the details are gonna be a little quiet until the unveiling but best believe all those who took part in the record will be on hand
as well as some DOPE cameos
- in Other News i teamed up with Subconscious Threads and we'll have Overdose On Life T-Shirts Inspired by Omen spreading throughout the world - for all the Lifeaholics out there .
and of course girls will have shirts too >>>>

<<< there will be Contest Held as well as a chance for New Artist to be Heard On BE THE JUDGE
- more details will follow

Since i been gone off the "Blogger" scene alot of interesting news is taking shape -
1st The ever so important Presidential Race took a turn by McCain appointing a female VP ..desperate move? i believe so
worst ever decision in history if McCain Wins? i'm Moving To CANADA
If YOU happen to VOTE for McCain either you're not all there or you're completely a Racist
- now i think everyone has their own opinion...but also everyone also can see Logic

and LMAO @ The Economy shit is so fucked up ..gotta laugh at it
the effects of this debacle haven't fully took effect yet . but as we're seeing Money is On Hiatus..will it really get better??
.or is it really in shambles? cause there's still Rich Folk throwing money away or is it a way the Media is helping the Government exercise " Other Means" of New World order.oops i mean Globalization
The Stage is Set....
Hopefully This Nightmare wont crush our dreams


shouts to Reese for the Photoshoot and definitely gearing up for Reese to Be the Eyes behind the Be The Judge album shoot
- other shouts of people who make a difference and support :
Big Al ,REVO, Cylla, Stadium Red Team , D.Lemon, ECM ,Bamm , SubCon , Strings, Ashaki, Caleesh , 4-IZE , Stable, Josh, Nate , YME , Octobers Own , Chrissy , Randa, Liv, Odessa, Myla, Michelle , Amanda , DJ SYn CIty , Bonita , Lita , Travis ( COP THAT NEW GCH " THe QUILT" ) Missing Link, Igloo , Angelina (welcome back) , Takia Miguel , Drake ( congrats on that deal) , Nakia, Infinite Maze, Jellestone , Nikki , Mia ( reconnected ) Candace most importantly my Immediate Family and the ones i forgot to mention - i can keep going but you'll see in future post


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