Wednesday, October 15, 2008


If you take the concept of Basketball and apply it to The Music Grind..u will see that when The 4th quarter comes its Time for the Clutch shots and going for the Win .
- As a Coach you would rest your starters half way through 3rd Quarter and put them in for the 4th Quarter or whoever is contributing to Compete with the rival , with the Line-up this 4th quarter looking real tough we're anticipating Dr Dre and Eminem to re-emerge this 4th Quarter also you got Jay-Z opening the Blueprint series back up with the 3rd one, then you have the Winners of Last Year Kanye West and 50 Cent gearing up for another round of sales and Then you have Ludacris ready to unveil Theatre Of The Mind..while also taking the Acting Reigns in 2 Motion pictures this Quarter (Max Payne , RocknRolla)
and on the R&B side Beyonce looks to Dominate the Year End with T-Pain moving up in the ranks of the Heavyweights
since every record he's on is guaranteed Top 10

- as an insider/outsider we learn from these artist and look forward to Hip Hop Winning on the Charts building momentum for the 1st Quarter and The 2nd Quarter wave of New Artist like Myself..and for looking in we Enjoy watching and listening to artist that inspire us and Entertain us
Everyone Pays Attention to The 4th Quarter and everyone who wants to play in the 4th Quarter some day Take Notes

So Until Then We Gonna Slow it Down Like This

T-Pain Ft. Ludacris " Chopped & Screwed " a sick record with a screensaver styled Video - dope concept

Ne-Yo Ft. Jamie Foxx, Fabolous " She Got her Own - bringing R&B back

John Legend Ft. Andre 3000 " Green Light" - Fun Record ..good energy in this Video

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