Friday, July 11, 2008


Everyone who has a personal journey in life know that there are reasons that come with the learning of certain skills, the meeting of certain people at the right time and the desire for fulfillment , clues surround us everyday as we wonder which roads to choose to take us to that next level -i believe we all have a purpose and mission to fulfill - so with that being said there's a book i read on the way to Toronto last year after i moved on from working with the previous partners- i dont wanna sound all mystical but the book found me -
when i was at my old spot a shawty i knew said check it out and wrote it on a paper - as i moved mysteriously i found that paper and was like wow i gotta get this book
so i copped it and after reading it i knew why the author Paulo Coelho has to be one of the Greatest StoryTellers of our time - and i had to pass it on which i did to alot of people i rock wit
now imma pass it on again..but this time u don't even have to go to Barnes and Noble
if you go to Itunes you can get the audiobook and listen for FREE until July 14th -


- For all the ADHD heads try smoking weed to get the full effects of the story


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