Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Being Part of The RELEASE THERAPY Album was a great achievement - as well as being affiliated with the SSP fam who from day one showed support and that support was returned, not knowing the family ties with Luda..but still kept it a hunnit.
As we connect and venture to do business on all scales the plan is starting to take shape to become Major Players in the Music Industry as well as Entrepreneurs and have to start from the ground up
even if it's literally the Ground, which brings me to BATTLEGROUND EARTH: LUDACRIS VS. TOMMY LEE
in a reality Television Series dedicated to Saving Planet Earth, a Battle between 2 teams Ludacris who brought on my boys 4-IZE and Willie Box to join in the Mission and Tommy Lee and his Crew.
Music for a Purpose is always a good look in my books - so Tune in AUG 3RD on PLANET GREEN 10pm EST on TLC

shouts to Ludacris,4-IZE,Willie and Big Al

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