Monday, July 21, 2008


Me and my homegirl over at ECM ( Eye Candy Modeling) was pollying last week..about Art and Comic books and i found out some History on her fam involvement in the Comic Book World which was interesting - so as we're talking about Characters and Imagery i mention that the Models she represent are like straight out of a Comic Book Drawn with there Very Curvy and distinct Features ..i was like FAREN is dope and she was like i should check out SHELLY who has the same thing in common with Faren - Natural Bust Size (36DD) i looked at SHELLY website and i was like damn shawty is impressive - with a German Background, Raised in Wisconsin who caught alot of attention for herself by way of,MTV Europe and USA Network's Television Series "Burn Notice" Shelly is on her Grind - i know it's serious if ECM is behind her
so In honor to the Dog Days Of Summer heres to Shelly Russel
Shelly Russel and Rita G Collaboration

- Hidden talents:
Shelly : I can make cool shapes with my tounge, I can do
backflips, and I can put 30 grapes in my mouth at once..don't ask why I
tried that**

First thing guys look at:
Shelly :My naturally large my
"innocent" smile*
-yeah right @ "Innocent"

-Used your looks to your advantage:
Shelly : To get a job and to get out of speeding

-Most embarrassing moment:
Shelly : Me and my girlfriend rented scooters on South
Beach..and we were chillin on our scooters rollin down Ocean Drive..and
I ran into a parked the Mercedes owner wasn't too
upset ; )

Shelly Good Look..Keep at it
Book shelly - 305-788-5096

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