Saturday, July 19, 2008


This week was another Grind Week - new connections - new sounds- new ventures - new artist
-i must say peace to J Hatch and Don Di Napoli for inviting me to Judge and give input @ the latest Istandard Producer Showcase
some talented producers is about to step up to the plate really soon -
The Dark Knight definitely lived up to the Hype , best film this year by far next to Iron Man and Wanted
i have to see it again to get more in depth of what was going on - cause it sure was alot of twist and turns
superb acting on all parts- memorable performance by Heath Ledger ..i'm sure its gonna be the biggest Box office turn outs since Spiderman 3 -
As Summer is headed towards it's Prime where alot of Events and Concerts gon be poppin ..The Ladies are definitely out and looking Amazing and with that being said this Vid is Mad funny... this is what a chick with a boyfriend will look forward to this Summer..

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