Monday, July 7, 2008


Some may know that i recently parted ways with the EMW situation i had helped create - even though i still represent that name i revamped the idea and it will now be Elaborate Musik Orchestra (EMO)
the Studio i previously worked out of is No More - so now in the process of creating the Be The Judge Album and other projects i needed a new Home to produce more great works and share that Dope energy with - through my Nomadic journey i worked in a couple facilities and none brought that Energy back to me until now - being in Harlem i had no idea what was under my Nose until my Homegirl told me about Stadium Red Studios- i was thinking of working in Downtown Manhattan where alot of the Big Studios were and where my previous situation was located -but after going into Stadium Red seeing the Great set up and meeting The manager and Major Players involved we connected and now it's history in the making - they seen my vision and wanted to help and i wanna bring what i tried to bring the previous situation to them -
if you haven't heard of Stadium Red yet you will very soon..

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