Saturday, July 12, 2008


As you will see in coming weeks besides Music i digs Basketball Heavy grew up a KNICKS FAN ( yeah we'll get the chip one day ) also a collector and fan of Comic Books ( look out for KRYME LAB ) and One thing you have to love is a Dope ass Woman who can strike up an amazing conversation and can also stand out in a crowd if she sees fit, one that takes pride in her Look and isn't ashamed to show that body and physique she's worked hard to maintain by faithfully going in the Gym while we're in the studio cookin up hits that she can dance to or become an iconic figure of the Imagery of the Video or Photoshoot -
so i'm pollying with my peoples over at EYE CANDY MODELING who manages DEELISHUS (flavor of love 2) , AMBER EASTON and CHESSIKA and she let me know there's a model on the scene that's getting alot of light , she's getting booked heavy for club appearances as well as magazine spreads such as SMOOTH, and the current album Cover for REGGAE GOLD 2008. She also graced the sets of a few music videos and also may be in talks to join the Reality TV ranks in the future- Her name is FAREN who i've heard is a breaking necks and causing car accidents when she passes by
at a height of 5'11 without heels and a natural 36DDD yeah NATURAL is the key word , a Bartender who will definitely keep the Bar guarantee way above normal, so why not reach out - so i told my peoples i'll definitely Promote The Company and add a lil bit a edge to this Blog
so without further ado
here's Faren -

Hobbies -
Faren : I really don't do too much very interesting when I'm not working..yeah
I go to the gym, shop and collect shoes and jewelry but I LOVE to go to
the beach whenever I can! I love to fish and go boating. Check me out!--
I recently picked up my roller skates and taught myself how to
boogie-shuffle again!

album you love right now -
Faren : Amy winehouse because I'm going through a rough breakup right now and
its mellows me out..minus all the drugs of course!

last movie you saw and what you thought about it -
Faren : "Hancock" starring Will Smith, and I was disappointed. Some parts were
funny but I could've waited to see it on DVD.

and one word to describe herself and why -
Faren : My word used to be "brickhouse" but now its "Glamazon" my girlfriends
and I came up with that one and we call ourselves that! We're tall, have
big boobies and we love to look fabulous everywhere we go!

- Very interested in seeing this Glamazon Squad

Good Look Faren..

Book Faren -305-788-5096

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