Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I think when you got a vision and the right people around everything falls into place and the energy just feeds off
i remember back in the 90s when ATCQ ( A Tribe Called Quest) was making noise and the movement was electric..The Native Tongue was my shit - i mean i appreciated the art that movement brought to Hip Hop..which is sort of how the new movement of MCs is starting to develop into but its those who remain original that will lead the new school of MCs into the Echelon of Hip Hop Greats -
so as im a young dude back in mid to late 90s im into a vast array of Hip Hop..thats all i listened to all day and all night was Hip Hop - from seeing HOT 97 evolve into the station where Hip Hop Lives, from hearing Biggie 1st record on 89.9 stretch and bobbito to hearing Wu Tang Clan very 1st joint on 89.1
Hip Hop has grown ever since and has become the heart beat of music all over -
now with that said brings me to my boy Consequence - who came on the scene during the prime of Tribe Called Quest and dropped a memorable verse on "Stressed Out" - after the disbandment of ATCQ dude remained active..behind the scenes and in the right circle ..i give him much respect for staying at it and seeing his craft through ..so through the circles i've been linking with trying to link all the circles together and create a strong chain of success i was put on bout Cons through my boy Poly King who was peoples with dude and also my home girl ODESSA who is a actually making a lil noise herself..i'll get back to her in coming days
so she comes to NY and was like she was chosen to be in a video for Consequence called Breakfast of Champions which was real cutting edge vid when it comes to camera work and content
and i was like thats dope..and then after linking with Strings in the studio and also being under the same umbrella with GLC over at REVO MEDIA ..i take a call from Odessa that she doing a new Consequence vid and i should come check it out.so i come through and connect again with Strings also My boy Caleesh aka Poly King and GLC and Cons..who also directs his own vids and co-directed this one with RIk Cordero- the energy was dope and this was the outcome

shouts to Caleesh,Strings,GLC,Odessa,Ashaki,Cons and Sub Con with those Tees

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