Monday, July 28, 2008


At it Again.. chillin on Ichat i was pollyin wit my homegirl ,and she told me i was getting much love from the girls at ECM and said she will definitely keep them coming my way and keep the Blog lookin extra sexy - i def appreciate the support from her
so she said Shelly was checkin shouts to SHELLY RUSSEL
i asked my homegirl who's next up she was like we need that girl with the BIG FUTURE behind her
so she mentioned a young lady named Amber -i seen Amber and wow she def had a BIG FUTURE behind her
i was like she dope..and told her i was feeling ole girl from Flavor Of Love 3 named ANGELA a.k.a MYAMMEE
she was like she repped shawty and would make a call....the next day i got an email and MYAMMEE was a go
-i was thinking why ask the typical questions about the show when u can just ask some other cool interesting things
Myammee is definitely a fresh face who has alot going on for herself besides her Dynamic Shape - i def look forward to seeing her do what it do in her journey and possibly making some appearances somewhere in a my movement - she took a couple of minutes out of being Booked for Events,Appearances and Traveling to say a few things .....




- if you had super powers what would you have the ability to do?

MYAMMEE : Besides snapping my fingers to my own personal make-overs everyday, I
would want to cure all diseases from A-Z. I just lost my mother and I
wish I could have had the powers to keep her here.

- how much time goes into keeping your body in shape,whats your routine?

MYAMMEE :You know what? I don't put too much time into a workout and I eat what
I want, I guess I have great genes.

- the most a guy went out his way to impress you?

MYAMMEE : Well I love to eat. I was taken out to eat at least 2-3x a day. I
never had to cook during the time. I ate good too. LOL

- what music and what song inspires you?

MYAMMEE : I love various of artist mostly RnB and Rap, but at this very moment
what really inspires me is "Never would have made it" by Marvin Sapp.
It is so true! Without God in my life I know I wouldn't be where I am
at today.

Myammee Preciate the time ...

despite the busy schedules from these ladies they show love
so i'll continue to pay homage

i think she know a thing or 2 about Basketball Formation
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