Sunday, July 6, 2008



As a die-hard Comic Book Fan , through my collections of various comics
there was one that broke the mold, not because of the sheer violence and dark world it took the readers into - but because of the Reality of the story- not all Super Heroes get zapped with power of some sort , some can be made and created by just being fed up with the Evil Forces that run recklessly through this earth .. Through Tragedy, Through Fear can give birth to a Hero - and thats why i fucks with Batman
After years of many Batman films and cartoons .. this Franchise decided to actually give Batman The Approach it deserved and Director Christopher Nolan (Memento,The Prestige) ran wit it and never looked back 1st "Batman Begins" which took us into the creation of Batman and his days as a Ninja and heir to a very wealthy empire and made alot of Logic into what this Series will be - 
by July 18th 2008 the 2nd installment will be unveiled the highly anticipated "The Dark Knight" - which unfortunately will be one of the last appearances of Actor Heath Ledger (R.i.P)
who passed away early 2008 -
I'm not one to predict a great film and the outcome but i believe this will be be one of those cinematic masterpieces that will be remembered for years to come - not to say Tim Burtons Version wasn't dope cause it was.. but i know this will be much iller
and in Honor to The Dark Knight i threw one of my instrumentals on the Trailer .


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