Sunday, July 6, 2008


When i 1st decided to create an album it was all new to me , i mean i been a part of Major Albums in the Past but now it's time to build a legacy and Market my Value and Meaning to Hip Hop and Music ... so the title " BE THE JUDGE" came to mind - not sure how it came but i seen the vision and followed it through..basically the Album Meaning is at the end of the day No One can Judge you but You before God Judges you - so Be The Judge  Is saying Be Yourself - in  a world filled with so much Fabrication and Phoniness and music having artist sell their souls to become a household name for the price of Fame - sometimes you just wanna be yourself and not commit to changing for Label Puppet Masters - so that said " Be You"
- so when i started this Album i went through a Transition period that tried to put a damper on the creation of this record - when things turn against you when you're a positive person it's usually the opposite "Negative".
- i seen myself not letting that Energy lose my focus and i began my Journey by Traveling To Toronto and working on a few records out there and actually coming across a dope talent by the name of Drake - who respected my grind and took the vision i had for a record and wrote a chapter in pages of History that will follow his Dream for so much has came in his path since penning that Verse - The Title i gave him for the record was "Overdose On Life" 
and this is The Making

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