Friday, July 11, 2008



As constant plugs for the record begin - there will certain outlets that i will look to reach out to. Radio is the key to breaking records as well as Promoting yourself - as the days draw nearer i gotta get out and get heard and get seen .. i had the opportunity of going up to Sirius Shady 45 to check my Homie ANGELA YEE and do a lil bit of promotion , she's a dope girl and always a pleasure to see - she got the show LIP SERVICE which is definitely buzzing with co-host the very chill LEAH ROSE the show is fun and the discussions can get pretty wild as they've been known to interview Guest ranging from Porn Stars / Video Vixens / Actors / Artist /the works they get very intimate with their guest with topics ranging from sex to drama and etc all and all it's always a good time ..definitely the liquor stay flowing and soon i'll have an interview posted up with them when i go back up there and join the shenanigans - so in honor to Angela and Leah here's a small taste of Lip Service
with ole girl RITA G from the Flashing Lights Video and King cover girl DOLICIA BRYANT talking recklessly and a couple other guest ...oh and shouts to my boy DJ WONDER for keeping the heat spinning everyweek

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